Songs to Live By — The Music of Joe and Guin Miller

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche called the music of Joe and Guin Miller, the “first American mantras.” And indeed, these songs, composed by Guin, and performed by Joe and Guin, deliver a powerful message of spiritual awakening.

The following links give you access to audio files of Joe and Guin Miller in concert at the SFTS Lodge, produced by Sarmad Ocampo and a .pdf containing the sheet music for Songs to Live By, as transcribed by W. Blake Derby.

Songs To Live By, Part I

Songs To Live By, Part II

Songs To Live By — Sheet Music and Lyrics
[NOTE: This .pdf file is over 19 MB, it contains the sheet music for all but two of Joe and Guin’s songs. In coming months, we will also post the music and lyrics for each of the songs individually, in separate files, which may be more manageable for some.]