Songs to Live By (Individual Tracks w/ Sheet Music)


Joe and Guin Miller, SFTS Lodge, circa early 1980s

In the 1970s, Joe and Guin Millers’ friend, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, called the couple’s “Songs to Live By,” the “first American mantras.” Here is a list of links to individual audio clips of some of these powerful compositions. These links to individual tracks will allow you to share specific songs with friends, for solace and inspiration, in e-mail and blog posts, and through social media We have also included the sheet music to each song. The entire cycle (in both performance recordings and sheet music) is available from the “Songs to Live By” section of this site’s Miller Archive. The recordings were made by Sarmad Ocampo, the sheet music was created by W. Blake Derby. We will add further notes and background as time goes by, and even add a few more tracks, but for now, just listen, enjoy and SHARE! — Blessings, SFTS Lodge

Only Through the Orchid Door (Songs to Live By)

“Faith is a bird that feels the light …” (Songs to Live By)

Heart of My Heart (Songs to Live By)

Rose of Light (Songs to Live By / Richard Power Poem)

Akshobiya (Songs to Live By / Richard Power Poem)

Ignore the Opinions of Others (Songs to Live By / Richard Power Poem)

River Meditation of Milarepa (Songs to Live By Evans-Wentz)

Joy is the Natural State / Key to Eternity (Songs to Live By)

Let Us Consider the Christ Within (Songs to Live By)

A New Commandment (Songs to Live By)

“By the Confidence …” (Songs to Live By)

Never the Spirit (Songs to Live By / Bhagavad Gita)

Who Seeks Me By Form and the Buddhist Trilogy: Bodhi Tree, Thus Shall Ye Think and Six Rules of Tilopa (Songs to Live By / Diamond Sutra & Evans-Wentz)

5 Dhyani Buddhas (Songs to Live By)

Ask and Ye Shall Receive (Songs to Live By)

23rd Psalm (Songs to Live By)

Koan of Dr. Seo (Songs to Live By)

So Long As Love Remembers (Songs to Live By)

Crossing the Bar (Songs to Live By / Tennyson)