More Developments in Quantum Theory and the Nature of Consciousness

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More Developments in Quantum Theory and the Nature of Consciousness
January 29, 2010 8:00 pm
Dr. Jeff Curtis
San Francisco Theosophical Society Lodge
SFTS Friday Night Conversations in Theosophy 2010-01-29 (Based on the Minutes of the 1-29-10 SFTS Lodge Friday Night Meeting)

Over the years, one of the most enriching features of our Friday night conversations has been Prof. Jeff Curtis’ ongoing narrative on developments from the frontiers of science.

On 1-29-10, Jeff re-visited the basics of quantum physics, got us caught up with some interesting articles published recently, and then played a 20 minute video on the work of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab.

The lab was established by Dr. Robert John, a rocket scientist at Princeton, after after an undergraduate’s independent study on psychokinesis yielded some intriguing results. PEAR was shut down after over 25 years of research.

Jeff brought a random event generator (REG) globe with him. The REG globe is sold by a small company that started up after the lab closed down. A Google search on REG conducted for this post come up with Mind Lamp as one source of information for such a product.

We named our little friend, Subhuti.

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