Dharma Message for 4Q10

Ramana Marharshi Q: Different teachers have set up different schools and proclaimed different truths and so confused people. Why?

Bhagavan: They have all taught the same truth but from different standpoints. Such differences were necessary to meet the needs of different minds differently constituted, but they all reveal the same truth.

Q: Since they recommended different paths, which is the one to follow?

Bhagavan: You speak of paths as if you were somewhere and the Self somewhere else and you had to go and attain it. But in fact the Self is here and now and you are always it. It is like being here and asking people the way to Ramanasramam and then complaining that each one shows a different path and asking which to follow.

Excerpt from Teachings of Ramana Maharshi In His Own Words, Edited by Arthur Osborne, Rider and Company, 1962