Dharma Message for 2Q10

Taungpulu Sayadaw Taungpulu Sayadaw on “What Makes Meditation?”
(Translated by Rina Sircar)

“When you know that you are having greed, you are no longer in ignorance, but possess knowledge.
If you know that you are angry, and have hatred, you are no longer in ignorance but possess knowledge.
When you know that you are having ignorance, that knowing becomes knowledge and it is meditation.
Even if you become aware of the feeling, ‘I don’t want to meditate,’ that means that you have the insight that you don’t want to meditate. Since you know that you do not want to meditate, that knowing becomes the meditation — the mindfulness and awareness that you know what you don’t want to do.”

(Excerpted from Blooming in the Desert, Favorite Teachings of the Wildflower Monk Taungpulu Sayadaw, Edited by Anne Teich, North Atlantic Books, 1996)