Dharma Message for 1Q11

Zhuangzi Butterfly Dream Alan Watts on  the Wisdom of the Body:

“Because I speak of the wisdom of the body, and of the necessity for recognizing that we are material, this is not to be taken as a philosophy of ‘materialism’ in the accepted sense. I am not asserting that the ultimate reality is matter. Matter is a word, a noise, which refers to the forms and patterns taken by a process. We do not know what this process is, because it is not a “what” — that is, a thing definable by some fixed concept or measure. If we want to keep the old language, still using such terms as “spiritual” and “material,” the spiritual must mean “the indefinable,” that which, because it is living, must ever escape the framework of any fixed form. Matter is spirit named.
After all of this, the brain deserves a word for itself! For the brain, including its reasoning and calculating centers, is a part and product of the body. It is as natural as the heart and stomach, and rightly used, is anything but an enemy of man. But to be used rightly, it must be put in its place, for the brain is made for man, not man for the brain. In other words, the function of the brain is to serve the present and the real, not to send man chasing wildly after the phantom of the future.” — Alan Watts, Excerpted from Wisdom of Insecurity

The Wisdom of Insecurity