Dharma Message for 1Q09

Excerpt from The Precious Treasury of The Basic Space of Phenomena, Longchen Rabjam

“Awareness expresses itself through its dynamic energy as consciousness that involves conceptual elaboration, marked by myriad dualistic habitual patterns that such consciousness generates. Since what are not objects are misconstrued as objects, there are five kinds of sense objects, and since what has no identity is invested with identity, there are the five afflictive emotions. These constitute all possible confused perception — of the universe and the beings within it. Even what manifests as samsara arises due to that dynamic energy, but when this is not realize, the manifestation itself is one of erroneous perception.

Through realization, within the vast expanse of being, of the true nature of phenomena — coming from nowhere, going nowhere, and abiding nowhere at all — there is “the enlightened intent of the total freedom of the three realms.” This is the transmission of ati — spontaneous presence, the vajra heart essence, arising from the wholly positive expanse of supreme spaciousness.”