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The SFTS Lodge Journal offers a glimpse into the life of this center, including recordings of select Friday night presentations, poems and essays contributed by Lodge members, and even the minutes from a Lodge meeting one hundred years ago. Enjoy.

Mary Magdalena: Dark Goddess, Female Christ

Megan Rose Woolever on Mary Magdalena: Dark Goddess, Female Christ (SFTS, 2/26/16)

Megan Rose Woolever on Mary Magdalena: Dark Goddess, Female Christ (SFTS, 2/26/16)

On February 26, 2016, at the SFTS, Megan Rose Woolever delivered a marvelous talk on “Mary Magdalen: Dark Goddess, Female Christ.” Erudite and juicy. Here is an audio recording, synced to the presentation slides, with some photos interspersed.

Megan Rose Woolever, Priestess, Healer, Scholar: Megan Rose is an initiated ceremonial magician, Kabbalist, and Tantrika. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Consciousness and Transformation and holds a seminary degree in Religion in Society. She practices Celtic Shamanism in the Faery Seership tradition and is a Holistic Healing Practitioner specializing in Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Bodywork, Intuitive Guidance, Life Coaching and Sacred Sexuality. Rose has been certified as an Intimacy Counselor, and is an ordained minister. She regularly shares her gifts as a priestess, ritualist, healer and sacred temple dancer, most recently seen at Pantheacon, the Spiral Dance, Seven Sisters Mystery School rituals, the Mary Magdalen Unity services, and at various San Francisco Bay Area rituals and events.

For more information on Woolever’s work, visit http://TempleMagdalen.com

Songs to Live By (Individual Tracks w/ Sheet Music)


Joe and Guin Miller, SFTS Lodge, circa early 1980s

In the 1970s, Joe and Guin Millers’ friend, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, called the couple’s “Songs to Live By,” the “first American mantras.” Here is a list of links to individual audio clips of some of these powerful compositions. These links to individual tracks will allow you to share specific songs with friends, for solace and inspiration, in e-mail and blog posts, and through social media We have also included the sheet music to each song. The entire cycle (in both performance recordings and sheet music) is available from the “Songs to Live By” section of this site’s Miller Archive. The recordings were made by Sarmad Ocampo, the sheet music was created by W. Blake Derby. We will add further notes and background as time goes by, and even add a few more tracks, but for now, just listen, enjoy and SHARE! — Blessings, SFTS Lodge

Only Through the Orchid Door (Songs to Live By)

“Faith is a bird that feels the light …” (Songs to Live By)

Heart of My Heart (Songs to Live By)

Rose of Light (Songs to Live By / Richard Power Poem)

Akshobiya (Songs to Live By / Richard Power Poem)

Ignore the Opinions of Others (Songs to Live By / Richard Power Poem)

River Meditation of Milarepa (Songs to Live By Evans-Wentz)

Joy is the Natural State / Key to Eternity (Songs to Live By)

Let Us Consider the Christ Within (Songs to Live By)

A New Commandment (Songs to Live By)

“By the Confidence …” (Songs to Live By)

Never the Spirit (Songs to Live By / Bhagavad Gita)

Who Seeks Me By Form and the Buddhist Trilogy: Bodhi Tree, Thus Shall Ye Think and Six Rules of Tilopa (Songs to Live By / Diamond Sutra & Evans-Wentz)

5 Dhyani Buddhas (Songs to Live By)

Ask and Ye Shall Receive (Songs to Live By)

23rd Psalm (Songs to Live By)

Koan of Dr. Seo (Songs to Live By)

So Long As Love Remembers (Songs to Live By)

Crossing the Bar (Songs to Live By / Tennyson)

Klee Irwin on Scientific Clues That We Are Living In The Matrix – A Self-Organized Program

On October 9th, 2015, at the invitation of Dr. Jeff Curtis, the SFTS Lodge’s “Science Officer,” researcher, scientist and philanthropist Klee Irwin spoke on “Klee Irwin on Scientific Clues That We Are Living In The Matrix – A Self-Organized Program. For more information on Irwin and his work, go to http://kleeirwin.com

Embedded above is the slide show from his presentation, embedded below is an audio tape of his talk.

Klee Irwin at SFTS Lodge, October 9, 2015

Klee Irwin at SFTS Lodge, October 9, 2015

Richard Power: Cauldron Yoga, Gaian Poetics and the Way of the Future

Here is the video recording of Richard Power’s presentation on “Cauldron Yoga, Gaian Poetics and the Way of the Future.” This talk was delivered at the Theosophical Society of San Francisco on 9/25/15. In this presentation, Richard shares some perspectives on the nature of true embodiment and the future of civilization. It is a talk about who and what we are, where we are and where we are going. His book version of  “Cauldron Yoga, Gaian Poetics and the Way of the Future,” which will include extended commentary and fresh epiphanies, is to be released in softcover and electronic form this coming winter.  — Blessings, SFTS Lodge


Tim Boyd on the Present Need (SFTS Lodge, March 2015)

The Theosophical Society of San Francisco feels very fortunate that Tim Boyd is at the helm of both the Theosophical Society in America and the International Theosophical Society, and we were honored to host this wonderful talk on his recent visit to the Bay Area.


Our Present Need (Part One)

Our Present Need (Part Two)

Joe and Guin Miller’s Songs to Live By Continue to Inspire Seekers

David Thompson, W. W Blake Derby and Radhe Diana Baz (January 16, 2015)

David Thompson, W. W Blake Derby and Radhe Diana Baz (January 16, 2015)

Joe and Guin Miller’s “Songs to Live By” are a great resource for all who journey on the mystical path, and they are one of the treasures that the San Francisco Theosophical Society is dedicated to preserving and offering up freely to the ever-flowing future … On the occasion of what would have been Joe Miller’s 111th birthday (homage to Bilbo Baggins), the Lodge held a beautiful event featured both a powerful talk by David Thompson and a marvelous concert of selected “Songs to Live” By from Radhe Diana Baz and W. Blake Derby.

To add to our treasure trove, here are three audio recordings of Radhe and Blake’s performance …

Set 1 –

Set 2 –

Set 3 –

The wisdom of love has no end, it is relentless and inexhaustible. “Ours is not a caravan of despair.”

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Anna Lee Schneider (1923-2015) – A Life of Unconditional Love


Our beloved friend, Anna Lee Schneider, has gone on to her next adventure. She departed this life peacefully, in her sleep, at the age of 91. Annalee was a shining star and ever-faithful companion on Joe Miller’s Thursday Morning Walks in Golden Gate Park, and at the San Francisco Theosophical Society. She led a life of unconditional love. She was a joy bringer! We will tenderly remember her, we will dearly miss her, and we will meet her again in our next journey on the wheel of life.

Anna Lee’s beloved family will be holding memorial services on Saturday, June 21st, 2015, from one to three p.m. at the Rossmoor Creekside Clubhouse, Club Room, 1010 Stanley Dollar Dr., Rossmoor. In lieu of flowers, the family asks for donations to Tuleyome at www.tuleyome.org or Not In Our School at notinourschool.org.

“Never the Spirit is born, the Spirit shall cease to be never. Never is time, it is not. End and Beginning are dreams.” — Bhagavad Gita

Our Present Need – A Visit with Tim Boyd, International President of the Theosophical Society


On Friday, March 13th, we are delighted to welcome Tim Boyd, who is both International President of the Theosophical Society and President of the Theosophical Society in America. A long-time student of the Ancient Wisdom, Tim lectures internationally, conducting workshops on Theosophy and spirituality.

At 8 p.m., Tim will speak on Our Present Need.

“For the past few hundred years a cycle of human activity has been building. The dominance of a new way of seeing and experiencing the world has been the driving force leading to this time. In the words of Mircea Eliade, “The completely profane world, the wholly desacralized cosmos, is a recent discovery in the history of human spirit.” This approach to living in the world has produced a cascading series of problems including degradation of the environment, global violence, and personal unease. What can we do? How do we respond to the present need?”

The Lodge will open at 6:00 p.m., and prior to Tim’s formal talk at 8:00, there will be an opportunity to chat informally and respond to any questions that might spontaneously arise.

This event is, of course, free.

NOTE: Tim Boyd will also speak for the Theosophical Society in Oakland on Saturday, March 14h, at 2:00 p.m., at the Oakland Public Library, Rockbridge Branch, 5366 College Avenue (Near Broadway in Oakland, four blocks from the Rockridge BART Station).

In Celebration of Light – Honoring the Life and Work of Light Devoy Edwin Harris – Video Archive


Light Devoy Edwin Harris in a San Francisco Opera production of Aida (circa 1980s).

On 12/22/14 at 11:13 p.m., our beloved friend of many years, Light Devoy Edwin Harris passed on from the physical plane, at the age of 81. Light was a great alchemist (in the technical sense of that term) as well as a great maestro and scholar of African-American spirituals. Over the decades of his friendship and support for the Theosophical Society San Francisco Lodge, Light delivered many erudite lectures on the occult sciences and led many amazing performances by his choir, the Jubilee Singers.

Light was a dear friend and ally of Joe and Guin Miller, and after their passing he was a dear friend and ally of those of us who kept that circle of light alive.

A celebration of Light’s life and work was held at the SFTS Lodge in early 2015.

The SFTS Lodge sponsored a video recording of this extraordinary wonderful event.

Here is a You Tube playlist of recordings from this magical night of LIGHT, SOUND and MOVEMENT —

[NOTE: The seventeen video clips in the playlist include both excerpts from the formal program, and personal messages from some of Light’s friends and students recorded after the end of the formal program, as well as a pre-recorded message from afar.]


Here is Phil Deal’s Elegy for Light —

[NOTE: A recording of this original composition was played a continuous loop in the lead up to the evening’s main program.]

Flow, In the Heart of the Feminine


The SFTS Lodge 2015 program got off to a great start on Friday, January 9th: Marjory Mejia speaking on “Flow, In the Heart of the Feminine.”

Here is an audio recording of Majory’s powerful talk …

And here is a link to the accompanying presentation, so you can follow along —

Flow, In the Heart of the Feminine

For more on Marjory’s work, visit Awakening Sacred Flow.