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The SFTS Lodge Journal offers a glimpse into the life of this center, including recordings of select Friday night presentations, poems and essays contributed by Lodge members, and even the minutes from a Lodge meeting one hundred years ago. Enjoy.

Dharma Message 2013


Everything lives and perishes through magnetism; one thing affects another one, even at great distances, and its “congenitals” may be influenced to health and disease by the power of this sympathy, at any time, and notwithstanding the intervening space. (Isis Unveiled, Vol. I, Chapter VII)

What is imagination? Psychologists tell us that it is the plastic or creative power of the soul; but materialists confound it with fancy. The radical difference between the two, was however, so thoroughly indicated by Wordsworth, in the preface to his Lyrical Ballads, that it is no longer excusable to interchange the words. Imagination, Pythagoras maintained to be the remembrance of precedent spiritual, mental, and physical states, while fancy is the disorderly production of the material brain. (Isis Unveiled, Vol. I, Chapter IX)

When science shall have effectually demonstrated to us the origin of matter, and proved the fallacy of the occultists and old philosophers who held (as their descendants now hold) that matter is but one of the correlations of spirit, then will the world of skeptics have a right to reject the old Wisdom, or throw the charge of obscenity in the teeth of the old religions. (Isis Unveiled, Vol. I, Chapter XV)

Quantum Non-Locality and You

The SFTS Lodge’s Science Officer, Dr. Jeff Curtis leads us in an exploration of the great Quantum Theory debate between Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein, and how very relevant it is to where we all are today …

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Savor (Meditation)

Kim Nicol (http://kimnicol.com) leads Savor meditation … Listen, and journey with us …

Mountains of Fragrance

Author, actor, meditation teacher Michael Disend delivers a spell-binding talk on his life’s journey into the Heart of Zen …

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Peggy Tahir shares her life’s rich experience in meditation.

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Clear Light


In this charming talk, David Thompson shares some common sense insights on meditation …

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Lenten Meditation: Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation & Diamond Sutra

Lenten Readings:

As we did last year for the twentieth anniversary of Joe and Guin Miller’s passing, this year we will do Lent Lite! The Great Liberation will be read at 6:30 a.m. on Ash Wednesday (2/13) and Good Friday (3/29) ONLY.

Every Friday evening at 6:30 p.m., starting on Friday, 2/15, and ending on Friday, 3/29, we will alternate readings of the Great Liberation and Diamond Sutra.

Please join us for this profound meditation practice.

The Beauty Way

Mary Kamadulski on The Beauty Way (February 2013)

A remarkable presentation from Mary Kamadulski, offering profound spiritual insights on the path of Beauty, along with compelling performance art (including the world premiere of the Coyote Choir).

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Dharma Message – 2013

Saint Hildegard of Bingen – Cultivating the Cosmic Tree, Plate 7, Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen

In her hymn, O ignis Spiritus Paracliti, the great Saint Hildegard of Bingen exclaimed:

Oh fire of the Holy Spirit,

life of the life of every creature,

holy are you in giving life to forms…

Oh boldest path,

penetrating into all places,

in the heights, on earth,

and in every abyss,

you bring and bind all together

From you clouds flow, air flies,

Rocks have their humours,

Rivers spring forth from the waters

And earth wears her green vigour

NOTE: For more on Hildegard’s vision of Viriditis (“Greeness”), the “very expression of Divine power on Earth,” which she saw as “penetrating every aspect of life,” read Stephanie Roth’s Cosmic Vision of Hildegard of Bingen in The Ecologist, Vol. 30, No. 1, January-February 2000.


More on Consciousness, Quantum Physics and the Nature of the Universe

Dark Energy and Dark Matter

As noted in previous posts, we are, grateful that the Third Avowed Object, “To explore the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in …” is alive and well in City of the Golden Gate.

In this 1/18/12 talk titled, Dr. Jeff Curtis reports on some of the latest scientific research.

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